Monday, April 25, 2016

Welcome to My Inside Out Studio Blog!

'Inside Out' to me means getting what's inside my imagination out into the world...the parts of my imagination that have nothing to do with my wall art, but help me express the more fun-loving and social side of my personality. It's where I make things that have answered creative questions like:

Creative Question 1: What to do with my garden doodles?  
A: Block-Print Clothing!

Check Out These Happy Customers! 
with Special Thanks to All of You who Support Local Craft...You Are All Wonderful People we Artists Greatly Appreciate.


Here's a very popular summer style - The Tank Tunic!  It's Very flattering on all figures...



Creative Question 2: Wouldn't these designs look great on Greeting Cards, Linen Tea Towels, and Framed Prints? 
A: why Yes, the would!  

Creative Question 3: What to do with all this fabric that doesn't work with my wall art?
A:  Patchwork Inside Out Hats! 
There's nothing better than saving beautiful fabrics from going to waste, and up-cycling them into Truly One-of-a-Kind pieces for True Individuals!

Creative Question 4: How many Block Print designs do you have?
A:  A Lot! There are over almost 50! veggie/fruit/food inspired prints, and I have yet to update the blog gallery with my Fern designs, Paisley designs, Lotus & Scroll designs, and Leaf Designs from last year, and the new ones to debut this year....

Sorry it's not all of them, but just get in touch if you're curious and I can snap some photos to send you (and it will help me get it off my to-do list!)

Here are the designs I do have digitally to share:

Inside Out Studio's Block Print Design Gallery
(click on image to see larger)

If there's something you'd like for yourself or as a gift, Please get in touch and we'll make arrangements. 

Until I create an online shop, we'll just do things the old-fashioned way via email and/or phone conversations. Old School Rules!

I've also created special designs for people, so your ideas are also welcome.

Thanks so much for visiting!  :)
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To see my wall art, Please visit:

Inside Out Studio - Pricing Information

Hand-Dyed and Block Printed Clothing:
  • Women’s T-shirt styles: $25 - $28
  • Women’s Tank Tunics: $40
  • Women’s Long Sleeve Styles: $40 - $45
  • Men’s T-shirts = $20
  • Sizes available in most styles are M up to 2X
Hand-Block Printed 100% Linen Tea Towels:
  • Single Towel = $15
  • Set of Three Towels = $40
Hand-Sewn and Block Printed Festive Flags:
  • Individual Flag = $10
  • Three-Flag Set = $24
  • Five-Flag Set = $40
  • Custom Sets made as Special Order / pricing varies
Hand-Block Printed Greeting Cards:
  • Single Card = $5
  • Set of Five Greeting Cards = $20
Hand-Block Printed Framed Artwork:
  • 5”x 7” framed print = $20
Inside Out Reversible Patchwork Hats
  • One of a Kind, sizes M-XL = $35

Inside Out Studio - Product Information

My Inside Out Studio creations are fun things I make with processes I enjoy, that I don’t get to use with my landscape-inspired wall art. I love fabric and color…and I love plants, gardens, and cooking…plus, I love printmaking. So, I found ways to bring those things together!

Here’s more info about the different products I make right here in Montpelier:

About My Design Process:

  • I sketch my designs, then transfer them onto a linoleum block, which I then hand carve very carefully.
  • Usually I test the design by printing onto paper first, and will carve any adjustments I’d like made.    
About The Clothing:
First an important note: I wish that I could afford to work with blanks that are all organic cotton, only sewn in the US. However, the pricing for this kind of quality is such that I would not be able to sell them and get a proper return on the investment. I strive to make my original printed clothing affordable for regular people like me, and often don't charge enough as it is! Thank you for your understanding.
  • Each shirt is 100% cotton, and starts out white.
  • I purchase the blanks and enhance them with original dye and design work.
  • Four of the Women’s styles are sewn in the US (California).
  • The Hanes Men’s T’s and Women’s V-Necks are sewn in Honduras or El Salvador. One Women's Scoop style (cap sleeve) is sewn in the US (California), another scoop style from a different company is sewn in Bangladesh.
About My Dye Process:
  • I dye each piece in small batches using a professional textile dye, salt and fixative.
  • They are machine washed twice (once in hot, once in cold) to take out excess dyes.
  • They are shrunk once in a hot dryer.
About My Clothing Printing Process:
  • A white block is often (but not always!) printed first onto the clothing, so that colors in main print stand out.
  • The design block is printed after the first block is dry.
  • Color is put on the block using brushes, since I like the texture that brushstrokes add.
  • I use Professional Textile Paints, which, when heat set, are permanent and wash-fast.
  • When prints are dry, each one is heat-set by hand with high temperature to ensure permanence.
About My Festive Flags:
  • My own unique take on the Tibetan Prayer Flag, these are sure to brighten all spaces!
  • First I cut and then sew each flag (cotton crinoline fabric).
  • Some of the colors are hand-dyed, some stay white. 
  • The dyed ones get washed w. the professional sudsy stuff.
  • Designs are Hand-Block Printed, using the same method as with the clothing.
  • They are heat-set for permanence.
  • Then I assemble prints into groupings, and string them onto yarn & cording.
About My Greeting Cards or Framed Artwork:
  • Using blank greeting cards, I print the fronts with a design block using acrylic paint.
  • Once dry, I print the back of the cards with my four-leaf clover block design
  • When the backs are dry, I fold the cards, and hand-sign each card.
  • Labels for mix packs are created and printed.
  • Mix packs get assembled with ribbon and a label.
  • Clear plastic bags are used to store the cards and keep them safe & clean.
  • Framed artwork: the print is put into a frame, which comes with its’ own hanging fixture.
About My Tea Towels:
  • They are high-quality 100% Linen
  • The blank towels are purchased from a company in Massachusetts.
  • I hand-print and heat-set each one, using the same process and inks as with clothing.
About My Patchwork Hats:
  • Designer fabrics are mixed with silks, velvets, denim, corduroy, knits, wools, etc.
  • I play with the colors and textures, cutting out pieces to assemble together into a hat.
  • They are reversible, so it’s two hats in one!
  • I use a serger sewing machine to sew the pieces together.
  • The brims are then hand-sewn.
  • Each one is One-of-a-Kind!